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What wavelengths are used in cosmetic laser surgery?

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There are hundreds of different laser wavelengths that can be tuned to vaporize very specifically colored biologic targets on the human body. The color of hair, blood vessels, tattoos, veins, arteries, pigment in brown spots and other colors can each be specifically targeted best by one particular laser wavelength. The trick is to produce the specific wavelength that is needed for the application you desire. Some common wavelengths used in cosmetic laser surgery are:

• 532nm-Absorbed by red-purple-used to vaporize blood vessels and spider veins and red tattoos

• 755nm-Absorbed by brown-black and used for hair removal and tattoo removal

• 924nm- The 924nm is absorbed by the color yellow and is used to dissolve fat during liposuction

• 1064nm-Absorbed by water and used for hair removal, closure of large veins, and in laser liposuction

• 1308-Absorbed by fat and used in Laser liposuction

• 1440nm and 1540nm-Erbium absorbed by water and used to coagulate deep collagen in the skin to stimulate new collagen and plump skin wrinkles and acne scars

• 2940nm-Erbium absorbed by water, vaporizes cells, used to resurface the skin and remove wrinkles

• 10,000nm-CO2 absorbed by water inside the skin cells, ruptures the skin cell, used for incisions and to vaporize skin growths